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Minimum Order-Rs. 200
OPEN- 11.00 AM TO 10 PM

Minimum Order-Rs. 200
Open: 10:00 - 22:00 Order Before: 01:00 hrs
Khana Online now brings a sumptuous range of meals with food delivery at ALLAHABAD JUNCTION from the most popular restaurants and food outlets in town. Just call us an hour before you reach the station and your food will be delivered right at your seat! We promise quality, freshness and quantity with all orders as always!
We are in the process of expanding our network of restaurants.
  text-sep.jpg Jitendra got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Krish got food delivery in train at SAHARANPUR JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Harshit Singh got food delivery in train at UJJAIN station on seat. text-sep.jpg sakshi bhatia got food delivery in train at AJMER JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Vishal got food delivery in train at AMBALA CANTT station on seat. text-sep.jpg Kuldeep Kumar got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Nayansi Ranjan got food delivery in train at CHAPRA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg anita got food delivery in train at HUBLI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Prakash Jhunjhunwala got food delivery in train at ROURKELA station on seat. text-sep.jpg Pankaj got food delivery in train at PANIPAT JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Harilal got food delivery in train at NAGAUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Vikas purohit got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Anil got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Anil got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Alpesh Pandhi got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Tushar got food delivery in train at AMBALA CANTT station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at LUCKNOW JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at BAREILLY JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at MORADABAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg Dinesh got food delivery in train at BALHARSHAH station on seat.

Trains Passing through ALLAHABAD JUNCTION

Train No.Train DetailTrain NameArr. TimeDep. Time
11039Maharashtra Exp 08:1008:35
11045Dikshabhoomi Ex 01:0001:25
11046Dikshabhumi Exp 00:3001:02
12307Hwh Ju Express 12:0512:10
12308Ju Hwh Supfast 14:0014:10
12316Ananya Express 22:3022:40
12315Annanya Expres 04:0804:20
12312Kalka Mail 17:2017:30
12249Hwh Ndls Yuva E 03:4203:44
12250Ndls Hwh Yuva 23:0823:10
12275Ndls Duronto Ex Starts22:40
12276Ald Duronto Exp 06:20Ends
12301Cal Rajdhani 02:4202:45
12302Kolkata Rjdhni 23:4223:45
12303Poorva Express 21:5522:05
12304Poorva Express
12305Cal Rajdhani 02:4202:45
12306Kolkata Rjdhni 23:4223:45
12310Rjpb Rajdhani 00:2500:28
12295Sanghamitra Exp 02:0002:50
12296Sangha Mitra Ex 01:5002:22
12323Hwh Ndls Expres 07:3507:40
12324Ndls Hwh Expres 16:3516:45
12349Bgp Ndls Exp 04:0804:20
12350Ndls Bgp Expres 08:5009:00
12395Ibadat Express 01:1001:15
12396Ziyarat Express 16:3516:45
12381Poorva Express 21:3522:05
12382Poorva Express 02:2002:50
12397Mahabodhi Exp 20:0020:10
12398Mahabodhi Exp 22:4022:48
12401Magadh Express 00:4000:45
12402Magadh Express 05:1005:20
12417Prayag Raj Exp Starts21:30
12418Prayag Raj Exp 06:45Ends
12423Dbrt Rajdhani E 02:5202:55
12424Dbrt Rajdhani 20:3920:42
12427New Delhi Sup E 20:3521:00
12428Ndls Rewa Exp 09:2509:50
12495Bkn Koaa Sup Ex 22:3022:40
12496Pratap Express 11:3011:35
12501Porvotr S Krnti 04:0804:20
12502Porvotr S Krnti 08:5009:00
12559Shiv Ganga Exp 22:0522:30
12560Shiv Ganga Exp 03:3504:00
12561Swatantrta S Ex 03:2503:50
12562Swatantrta S Ex 05:3506:00
12801Purushottam Exp 19:3519:45
12802Purshottam Exp 07:2507:35
12815Puri Ndls Exp 07:3507:40
12816Puri Express 15:1015:20
12669Gangakaveri Exp 03:5004:15
12670Gangakaveri Exp 04:1004:40
12791Sc Pnbe Express 10:5511:25
12792Pnbe Sc Exp 20:2020:48
12539Ypr Lucknow Exp 02:1002:35
12540Lko Ypr Sup Exp 01:1501:40
12988Aii Sdah Expres 02:2802:43
12987Sdah Ajmer Exp 12:2512:30
12877Rnc Garib Rath 03:4203:44
12878Ndls Rnc G Rath 23:0823:10
13007U Abhatoofan Ex 05:0505:15
12937Garbha Express 22:3022:40
12938Garbha Express 11:3011:35
12941Adi Asansol Exp 22:3022:40
12942Asn Adi Sup Exp 05:3005:35
12947Azimabad Expres 21:3521:45
12948Azimabad Expres 05:3005:35
13008U A Toofan Exp 22:0522:15
14217Unchahar Exp Starts14:15
14218Unchahar Exp 11:20Ends
14259Rmm Varanasi Ex 01:0001:25
14260Bsb Rmm Express 00:3001:02
15631Bme Ghy Express 21:3521:45
15632Ghy Bme Bkn Exp 11:3011:35
18101Tata Jat Exp 08:4009:05
18102Muri Express 15:3016:02
16359Ers Patna Exp 01:0001:25
16360Pnbe Ers Expres 00:3001:02
25631Bkn Ghy Express 21:3521:45
18631Rnc Garibnwaz E 12:3512:40
18632Rnc Garib Nawaz 10:1510:25
22308Bkn Hwh Supfast 14:0014:10
18601Hte Jat Exp 08:4009:05
22423Ghy Rajdhani Ex 02:5202:55
22424Ghy Rajdhani 20:3920:42
19569Okha Bsb Expres 01:1502:00
19570Bsb Okha Exp 00:4001:25
11031Gyan Ganga Exp 15:5016:20
11032Gyan Ganga Exp 07:2007:48
11033Darbhanga Exp 15:5016:20
11034Dbg Pune Exp 07:2007:48
11037Pa Gorakhpur Ex 15:5016:20
11038Gkp Pune Expres 00:3001:02
11055Godan Express 09:4010:15
11056Godan Express 16:4017:10
11059Chhapra Express 09:4010:15
11060Cpr Ltt Express 16:4017:10
11061Muzaffarpur Ex 10:4011:05
11062Mfp Ltt Express 02:4503:15
11065Darbhanga Exp 10:4011:05
11066Dbg Ltt Express 02:4503:15
11067Saket Express 03:5004:15
11068Saket Express 20:3521:05
11069Tulsi Express 08:50Ends
11070Tulsi Express Starts16:15
11071Kamayani Expres 15:3016:05
11072Kamayani Expres 19:2019:45
11093Mahanagari Exp 00:1500:45
11094Mahanagari Exp 14:4015:10
11105Pratham S S Exp 01:1001:15
11106Pratham S Sngrm 03:5504:00
11107Bundelkhand Exp 06:4507:10
11108Bundelkhand Exp 22:0022:25
12149Pune Patna Exp 21:0521:35
12150Pnbe Pune Exp 05:1005:35
12165Ltt Bsb Sup Exp 03:5004:15
12166Bsb Ltt Sup Exp 23:0023:32
12175Chambal Exp 07:4508:12
12176Chambal Express 16:5517:20
12177Chambal Exp 07:4508:12
12178Chambal Express 16:5517:20
12321Hwh Mumbai Mail 11:1011:40
12322Kolkata Mail 20:2520:58
12353Rjpb Garib Rath 00:5200:55
12354Rjpb Garib Rath 00:1700:20
12403Ald Mtj Express Starts23:30
12404Mtj Ald Express 05:00Ends
12487Seemanchal Exp 11:5011:55
12488Seemanchal Exp 16:5017:00
12505North East Exp 09:3009:40
12506North East Exp 15:4015:52
12569Jyg Nzm G Rath 00:5200:55
12570Jyg Garib Rath 00:1700:20
12817Jharkhand Sj Ex 04:3504:45
12818Jharkhand Expre 04:2004:30
12873Jharkhand S J E 04:3505:00
12874Jharkhand Exp 04:2004:50
13111Lal Quila Exp 15:1515:25
13112Lal Quila Exp 10:4510:58
13201Rjpb Ltt Exp 07:5808:25
13202Ltt Rjpb Exp 23:5500:35
14005Lichchavi Exp 19:1019:35
14006Lichchavi Exp 02:3002:55
14055Brahmputra Mail 19:1519:25
14056Brahmputra Mail 08:3008:40
14083Mahananda Exp 06:3006:35
14084Mahananda Exp 17:5518:05
14114Link Express 08:10Ends
14115Ald Hw Exp Starts23:35
14116Hw Ald Exp 07:45Ends
14163Sangam Express Starts17:45
14164Sangam Exp 08:10Ends
14209Ald Lko Intrcty Starts15:20
14210Lko Ald Intrcty 11:45Ends
14215Ganga Gomti Exp Starts06:00
14216Ganga Gomti Exp 22:20Ends
14369Tribeni Express 02:3003:05
14370Triveni Exp 20:5521:25
14511Nauchandi Exp Starts17:40
14512Nauchandi Exp 09:55Ends
15003Chaurichauraexp 20:4521:10
15004Chaurichauraexp 08:2008:45
15017Gorakhpur Exp 08:1008:35
15018Gkp Ltt Exp 16:0016:30
15159Sarnath Express 15:1515:40
15160Sarnath Express 12:3012:55
18201Durg Ntv Ex 10:1010:45
18202Gkp Durg Exp 22:1022:35
18205Durg Ntv Exp 10:2010:50
18206Gkp Durg Exp 20:3521:08
18609Rnc Ltt Express 11:5512:20
18610Ranchi Express 15:5016:20
19305Shipra Express 16:5517:20
19306Shipra Exp 07:4508:12
21068Saket Link Exp 20:3521:05
21107Kurj Bsb Link E 06:4507:10
21108Bsb Kurj Link E 22:0022:25
24369Tribeni Express 02:3003:05
24370Triveni Exp 20:5521:25
24512Krj Ald Link Ex 09:55Ends
84369Tribeni Express 02:3003:05
12309Rjpb Rajdhani 00:2500:28