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Food delivery at VADODARA JN


Minimum Order-Rs. 120
Khana Online now brings a sumptuous range of meals with food delivery at VADODARA JN from the most popular restaurants and food outlets in town. Just call us an hour before you reach the station and your food will be delivered right at your seat! We promise quality, freshness and quantity with all orders as always!
We are in the process of expanding our network of restaurants.
  text-sep.jpg dipendra got food delivery in train at AKOLA JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Dipendra Chouhan got food delivery in train at AKOLA JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Dipendra Chouhan got food delivery in train at AKOLA JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAJESH got food delivery in train at Belgum station on seat. text-sep.jpg IMRAN got food delivery in train at KATNI station on seat. text-sep.jpg IMRAN got food delivery in train at KATNI MURAWA station on seat. text-sep.jpg MOOLCHAN got food delivery in train at VIJAYAWADA station on seat. text-sep.jpg sridhar got food delivery in train at LUDHIANA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg MAHAL got food delivery in train at RATLAM JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg SAMI got food delivery in train at GONDIA station on seat. text-sep.jpg GAURAV got food delivery in train at AMBALA CANTT station on seat. text-sep.jpg BHOOMIKA got food delivery in train at ITARSI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAGVEER got food delivery in train at WARANGAL station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAHEEL got food delivery in train at BALHARSHAH station on seat. text-sep.jpg arun got food delivery in train at GWALIOR station on seat. text-sep.jpg ahil got food delivery in train at SAUGOR station on seat. text-sep.jpg tabrej got food delivery in train at SURAT station on seat. text-sep.jpg ADITYA got food delivery in train at HABIBGANJ JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg ADITYA got food delivery in train at BHOPAL JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg SABHIR got food delivery in train at RATLAM JUNCTION station on seat.

Trains Passing through VADODARA JN

Train No.Train DetailTrain NameArr. TimeDep. Time
04728Ddr Bkn Sup Spl 20:3020:35
12479Surya Nagri Exp 05:3505:40
12480Surya Nagri Exp 19:2019:25
12489Bkn Ddr Sf Exp 06:1506:20
12490Bkn Ddr Sf Exp 20:3020:35
14707Ranakpur Expres 03:4003:45
14708Ranakpur Expres 21:5021:55
04727Bkn Ddr Sf Spl 07:0507:10
12979Jaipur Superfas 22:2422:42
12216Dee Garibrath 17:3717:42
12215Dee Bdts G Rath 03:0403:09
12980Jp Bdts Sup Exp 07:4508:05
12977Maru Sagar Exp 02:1002:20
12978Maru Sagar Exp 22:0022:05
12939Pune Jaipur Exp 01:1001:28
12940Jp Pune Sf Exp 21:3521:53
12955Bct Jp Express 00:2700:45
12956Jp Bct Supfast 01:3501:53
12990Aii Ddr Expres 07:0507:10
12989Ajmer Express 20:3020:35
12995Bdts Aii Udz Ex 22:2422:42
12925Paschim Express 17:4418:02
12450Goa Smprk K Exp 21:5522:13
12218Kerla S Kranti 04:0004:20
12217Sampark Kranthi 19:3219:50
12903Goldentemple Ml 02:4503:03
12483Amritsar Exp 19:3219:50
12484Asr Kcvl Expres 04:0004:20
12926Paschim Express 08:3008:48
12904Goldn Temple Ml 23:1823:36
12473Sarvodaya Exp 13:3213:50
12471Swaraj Express 13:3213:50
12478Jat Jamnagr Exp 11:5012:08
12472Swaraj Express 11:5012:08
12474Sarvodaya Exp 11:5012:08
12475Hapa Jat Expres 13:3213:50
12476Sarvodaya Exp 11:5012:08
12477Jam Jat Express 13:3213:50
12951Mumbai Rajdhani 21:0621:22
12952Mumbai Rajdhani 03:2403:40
12247Bdts Nzm Yuva E 21:3521:51
12248Nzm Bdts Yuva 03:3503:52
12287Dehradun Exp 19:3219:50
12288Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex 04:0004:20
12431Rajdhani Exp 00:1000:26
12432Trivndrm Rjdhni 22:2022:36
12449Goa Smprk K Exp 02:1002:28
12907Bdts Smprk K Ex 22:4723:05
12908Mhrst Smprk K E 11:1011:28
12909Nzm Garib Rath 21:3521:51
12910Bdts Garib Rath 02:5203:09
12917Gujarat Smprk K 19:1519:40
12918Gujrat S Kranti 04:0004:25
12937Garbha Express 01:3001:55
12938Garbha Express 08:5009:15
12941Adi Asansol Exp 01:3001:55
12942Asn Adi Sup Exp 02:2002:50
12947Azimabad Expres 23:3523:59
12948Azimabad Expres 02:2002:50
12953Aug Kr Raj Exp 22:3622:52
12954Ag Kranti Rjdhn 04:2304:40
15635Guwahati Expres 23:3523:59
15636Dwarka Express 16:3017:00
12655Navjeevan Exp 08:2508:30
12656Navajivan Exp 17:0317:08
12833Howrah Express 01:5001:57
12834Hwh Adi Express 10:5511:00
12901Gujarat Mail 04:1704:22
12902Gujarat Mail 00:0100:06
12927Vadodara Exp 06:05Ends
12928Vadodara Exp Starts22:40
12933Karnavati Exp 19:2519:30
12934Karnavati Exp 06:4506:50
12962Avantika Exp 23:5200:10
12971Bhavnagar Exp 03:2503:30
12972Bvc Bdts Expres 03:5504:00
12961Avantika Exp 01:0201:20
16125Ms Jodhpur Exp 23:0523:10
16126Ju Ms Express 08:5008:55
16311Bkn Kcvl Expres 13:1513:25
16507Ju Banglore Exp 16:4716:52
16508Jodhpur Express 05:0505:15
16533Ju Ypr Express 16:4216:52
16534Ypr Jodhpur Exp 05:0505:15
17038Bkn Sc Exp 08:4008:45
19065Bdts Jodhpur Ex 05:3605:41
19066Ju Bdts Express 07:0507:10
16312Bikaner Express 04:4204:52
19707Aravali Express 03:1603:21
19708Aravali Express 00:2000:25
16210Ajmer Express 05:0505:15
16532Garib Nawaz Exp 05:0505:15
16531Ypr Garib Nawaj 16:4216:52
16209Aii Mys Express 16:4716:52
22996Aii Bdts Sf Exp 07:4708:05
22926Paschim Express 08:3008:48
19023Fzr Janata Exp 16:1016:20
19024Fzr Bct Janta 10:5011:00
15667Kamakhya Expres 23:3523:59
15668Kyq Gimb Expres 17:0017:25
19019Dehradun Exp 06:3506:45
19020Dehradun Exp 20:0020:10
19037Avadh Express 04:5505:12
19038Avadh Express 20:5521:13
19039Avadh Express 04:5505:12
19040Avadh Express 20:5521:13
19569Okha Bsb Expres 01:3001:55
19570Bsb Okha Exp 00:1500:45
19005Saurashtra Mail 02:4002:45
19006Saurashtra Mail 00:3500:40
19011Gujarat Express 12:4012:45
19012Gujarat Express 09:0009:05
19017Sau Janata Exp 00:0700:12
19018Sau Janata Exp 22:5022:55
19053St Mfp Express 07:3007:45
19054Mfp St Express 16:3016:40
19059Jamnagar Intcit 15:2615:31
19060Surat Intercity 12:4012:45
19109Gujarat Queen 08:0208:07
19110Gujarat Queen 20:2020:25
19115Bdts Bhuj Exp 21:2621:31
19116Bhuj Bdts Exp 07:2507:30
19131Kutch Express 23:5523:59
19132Kutch Express 04:5505:00
19143Lok Shakti Exp 02:3202:37
19144Lok Shakti Exp 23:0523:10
19215Saurashtra Exp 16:5016:55
19216Saurashtra Ex 09:3509:45
19311Pune Indore Exp 01:1001:28
19312Ind Pune Expres 21:3521:53
22905Okha Howrah Exp 17:2517:30
29059Hapa Intercity 15:2615:31
29060Surat Intercity 12:4012:45
59439Ahmadabad Pass 00:4700:57
59441Ahmedabad Pass 10:1010:30
59460Vrl Bct Pass Ex 00:3500:40
11463Smnh Jbp Expres 20:3521:00
11464Jbp Somnath Exp 05:2005:45
11465Smnh Jbp Expres 20:3521:00
11466Jbp Somnath Exp 05:2005:45
15045Gkp Okha Expres 16:3017:00
15046Gorakhpur Exp 07:1507:45
19165Sabarmati Exp 22:4523:10
19166Sabarmati Exp 01:2501:55
19167Sabarmati Exp 22:4523:10
19168Sabarmati Exp 01:2501:55
19309Gnc Indore Exp 21:4022:05
19310Indore Gnc Expv 06:2506:50
09046Jp Bdts Exp 11:2711:35