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Food delivery at JHANSI JUNCTION


Minimum Order-Rs. 150
Open: 11:00 - 23:30 Order Before: 01:00 hrs
Khana Online now brings a sumptuous range of meals with food delivery at JHANSI JUNCTION from the most popular restaurants and food outlets in town. Just call us an hour before you reach the station and your food will be delivered right at your seat! We promise quality, freshness and quantity with all orders as always!
We are in the process of expanding our network of restaurants.
  text-sep.jpg Vikas Kumar got food delivery in train at KANPUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Uttkrash got food delivery in train at JHANSI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Rahul got food delivery in train at RAIPUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Narendra got food delivery in train at MIRAJ station on seat. text-sep.jpg pal got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAJESH got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAJ got food delivery in train at BHUSAWAL JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg KISHOR got food delivery in train at ITARSI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg SURESH got food delivery in train at BHUSAWAL JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Sandeep got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Suresh Arya got food delivery in train at JALGOAN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Ramniwas Jatoliya got food delivery in train at ABU ROAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg gautam got food delivery in train at AKOLA JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg nikhil got food delivery in train at ABU ROAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at MYSORE station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at BANGALORE CITY station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at NEW JALPAIGURI station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at NAGPUR JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at TIRUPATI station on seat. text-sep.jpg vijesh got food delivery in train at MYSORE station on seat.

Trains Passing through JHANSI JUNCTION

Train No.Train DetailTrain NameArr. TimeDep. Time
11057Amritsar Expres 20:3020:40
11058Asr Ltt Express 04:5505:05
11078Jhelum Express 17:1217:22
11450Jat Jbp Expres 21:3521:45
11449Jammutawi Exp 14:4014:50
11077Jhelum Express 13:3513:45
12549Durg Jat Sf Exp 02:3002:40
12550Jat Durg Sf Exp 22:3022:40
06317Ten Jammu Exp 13:5514:05
06687Ten Jammu Exp 13:5514:05
12001Ndls Shatabdi E 17:4717:55
12002Bhopal Shtbdi 10:4810:56
12137Punjab Mail 14:2014:30
12138Punjab Mail 12:2512:35
12191Ndls Jbp Sup Ex 20:4020:50
12192Jbp Ndls Sup Ex 04:0004:10
12441Bsp Ndls Raj Ex 05:2705:32
12442Bilaspur Rjdhni 20:3620:41
12485Ned Sgnr Expres 18:2018:32
12486Sgnr Ned Expres 06:1506:27
12615Grand Trunk Exp 23:2823:40
12616G T Express 00:5601:08
12621Tamil Nadu Exp 00:1500:27
12622Tamil Nadu Exp 04:0004:00
12511Rapti Sagar Exp 1251117:05
12512Raptisagar Exp 04:2004:40
12521Rapti Sagar Exp 16:4517:05
12522Raptisagar Exp 04:2004:40
12589Gkp Sc Express 16:4517:05
12590Gorakhpur Exp 04:2004:40
12591Gkp Sbc Express 16:4517:05
12592Gorakhpur Exp 04:2004:40
12405Gondwana Expres 01:0101:13
12406Gondwana Expres 21:4521:57
12409Gondwana Expres 01:0101:13
12410Gondwana Expres 21:4521:57
12429Rajdhani Exp 00:5200:57
12430Banglore Rjdhni 01:1501:20
12433Rajdhani Exp 05:2705:32
12434Chennai Rajdhni 20:3520:40
12437Rajdhani Exp 05:2705:32
12438Nzm Sc Rjdhni 20:3620:41
12493Rajdhani Exp 00:5200:57
12494Banglore Rajdhn 01:1501:20
12611Nzm Garib Rath 05:2705:32
12612Mas Garib Rath 20:3620:41
11069Tulsi Express 00:0500:25
11070Tulsi Express 00:1000:30
11105Pratham S S Exp 08:50Ends
11106Pratham S Sngrm Starts20:40
11107Bundelkhand Exp 22:2022:30
11108Bundelkhand Exp 07:0507:15
12175Chambal Exp 15:3015:40
12176Chambal Express 08:4008:50
12177Chambal Exp 15:3015:40
12178Chambal Express 08:4008:50
12147Nizamuddin Exp 10:3010:40
12148Nzm Kop Exp 12:4512:55
12155Bhopal Express 01:3501:45
12156Bhopal Express 02:3302:43
12161Lashkar Express 09:3009:40
12162Lashkar Express 03:2503:35
12189Mahakaushal Exp 04:1004:30
12190Mahakoshal Exp 22:4523:10
12279Taj Express Starts15:20
12280Taj Express 13:40Ends
12411Gondwana Expres 01:0101:13
12412Gondwana Expres 21:4521:57
12447U P Smprk Krnt 23:1023:30
12448U P Smprk Krnti 02:0502:25
12617Mangala Ldweep 06:4506:55
12618Mngla Lksdp Exp 15:2515:35
22688Ddn Cdg Mas Exp 21:3521:45
12687Dehradun Exp 13:5514:05
12716Asr Ned Express 19:4819:58
18237Chattisgarh Exp 11:5012:00
18238Chhatisgarh Exp 13:1013:20
12715Sachkhand Exp 04:5505:05
18507Vskp Asr Hkg Ex 1850708:30
18508Hirakund Exp 14:5015:00
59386Panchvalley Pa 11:5012:00
16317Himsagar Exp 13:5514:05
16688Navyug Express 21:3521:45
12919Malwa Express 21:4721:57
16318Himsagar Exp 21:3521:45
16687Navyug Exp 13:5514:00
12920Malwa Express 02:4502:55
16031Andaman Express 14:4014:50
16787Ten Jammu Exp 13:5514:05
16032Andaman Express 22:1022:20
12625Kerala Express 06:5507:07
12626Kerala Express 17:2217:34
12627Karnataka Exp 03:3303:45
12628Karnataka Exp 02:5403:06
12723A P Exp 02:1002:22
12724A P Express 23:3023:42
22001Ndls Shatabdi E 18:0218:10
22002Bhopal Shtbdi 11:0311:11
19053St Mfp Express 03:1003:20
19054Mfp St Express 21:2021:35
12721Nizamuddin Exp 21:2021:30
12722Dakshin Express 05:0505:15
12861Link Daksin Exp 21:2021:30
15015Gkp Ypr Express 16:4517:05
15016Ypr Gorakpur Ex 00:0500:30
16093Lucknow Exp 14:4015:05
16094Ljn Mas Exp 22:0022:20
15045Gkp Okha Expres 21:2021:35
15046Gorakhpur Exp 03:1003:20
19165Sabarmati Exp 17:1517:30
19166Sabarmati Exp 05:3505:50
19167Sabarmati Exp 17:1517:30
19168Sabarmati Exp 05:3505:50
12803Swarnajayantiex 10:3010:40
12804Vskp Swrn J Exp 12:4512:55
12807Samta Express 10:2010:30
12808Samta Express 14:2714:37
12641Tirukkural Exp 12:0012:10
12642Tirukkural Exp 12:4512:55
12643Nizamuddin Exp 10:3010:40
12644Swarna Jayanti 12:4512:55
12645Nizamuddin Exp 10:3010:40
12646Ers Millenum Ex 12:4512:55
12647Kongu Express 07:3507:45
12648Kongu Express 14:2714:37
12649Sampark Kranti 02:5003:00
12650Ktk Smprk K Exp 12:0512:05
12651Sampark Kranti 12:0012:10
12652T N Smprk Krnti 13:5014:00
12688Ddn Mas Exp 21:3521:45
12707A P Smprk Krnti 12:0012:10
12708Ap Smprk Kranti 13:5014:00
12629Sampark Kranti 02:5003:00
12630Ypr S Krnti Exp 14:5015:00
12780Goa Express 21:1021:22
12781Swarna Jayanthi 10:3010:40
12782Swarna Jayanthi 12:4512:55
17305Nzm Link Exp 23:5023:58
12779Goa Express 23:5023:58
14309Ujjaini Express 03:1003:20
14310Ujjaiyani Exp 21:2021:35
14313Bareilly Exp 03:4503:55
14314Be Ltt Express 22:3022:40
18477Utkal Express 06:3506:45
18478Kalingautkalexp 19:2519:35
22447Kurj Nzm Exp 23:1023:30
11015Kushinagar Exp 19:1019:30
11016Kushinagar Exp 07:0007:20
11101Kanhan Valle Ex 03:4503:55
11102Kanhan Valley 23:4023:50
11103Patalkot Exp 03:45Ends
11104Patal Kot Exp Starts23:50
11109Jhs Lko Int Exp Starts06:00
11110Lko Jhs Int Exp 22:35Ends
11123Bju Gwl Mail 18:3018:55
11124Gwl Bju Mail 13:2013:50
12107Lucknow Sup Exp 09:1009:30
12108Ljn Ltt Express 03:4004:00
12121M P Smprk Krnti 02:3002:40
12122M P Smprk Krnti 23:1023:20
12173Udyog Nagri Exp 09:1009:30
12174Udyog Nagri Exp 11:4012:00
12183Bpl Lucknow Exp 23:1223:27
12184Ljn Bpl Express 03:4004:00
12193Bpl Pbh Exp 23:1223:27
12194Pbh Bpl Sf Exp 03:4004:00
12533Pushpak Exp 01:3001:50
12534Pushpak Express 01:5802:25
12541Gkp Ltt Sup Exp 09:3009:50
12542Ltt Gkp Sup Exp 05:1505:35
12823C G Smprk Krnti 02:3002:40
12824Chtsgrh S Krnti 23:1023:20
12943Udyogkarmi Exp 14:5515:20
12944Udhyogkarmi Exp 11:4512:00
19313Indb Patna Exp 23:1223:32
19314Rjpb Indb Expre 04:2504:40
19321Indb Rjpb Exp 23:1223:32
19322Rjpb Indb Expre 04:2404:40
12103Pa Lucknow Exp 11:0011:20
12104Ljn Pune Exp 11:4512:05
04115ALD LTT SF SPL 18:4018:50