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Minimum Order-Rs. 250
Open: 10:00 - 22:00 Order Before: 01:00 hrs
Khana Online now brings a sumptuous range of meals with food delivery at NEW DELHI from the most popular restaurants and food outlets in town. Just call us an hour before you reach the station and your food will be delivered right at your seat! We promise quality, freshness and quantity with all orders as always!
We are in the process of expanding our network of restaurants.
  text-sep.jpg Vikas Kumar got food delivery in train at KANPUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Uttkrash got food delivery in train at JHANSI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Rahul got food delivery in train at RAIPUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Narendra got food delivery in train at MIRAJ station on seat. text-sep.jpg pal got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAJESH got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg RAJ got food delivery in train at BHUSAWAL JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg KISHOR got food delivery in train at ITARSI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg SURESH got food delivery in train at BHUSAWAL JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Sandeep got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Suresh Arya got food delivery in train at JALGOAN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Ramniwas Jatoliya got food delivery in train at ABU ROAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg gautam got food delivery in train at AKOLA JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg nikhil got food delivery in train at ABU ROAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at MYSORE station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at BANGALORE CITY station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at NEW JALPAIGURI station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at NAGPUR JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg vash got food delivery in train at TIRUPATI station on seat. text-sep.jpg vijesh got food delivery in train at MYSORE station on seat.

Trains Passing through NEW DELHI

Train No.Train DetailTrain NameArr. TimeDep. Time
11057Amritsar Expres 04:1004:30
11058Asr Ltt Express 20:2020:50
12029Swarna Shtbdi Starts07:20
11078Jhelum Express 10:0510:25
11450Jat Jbp Expres 13:1514:25
11449Jammutawi Exp 23:1000:10
11077Jhelum Express 20:4521:05
06317Ten Jammu Exp 21:4000:10
06687Ten Jammu Exp 21:4000:10
12001Ndls Shatabdi E 22:30Ends
12006Kalka Shtbdi 10:15Ends
12005Kalka Shtbdi Starts17:15
12016Ajmer Shtbdi 22:40Ends
12015Ajmer Shtbdi Starts06:05
12012Kalka Shtbdi 21:55Ends
12011Kalka Shtbdi Starts07:40
12014Amritsar Shtbdi 11:15Ends
12013Amritsar Shtbdi Starts16:30
12057Uhl Janshatabdi Starts14:35
12031Amritsar Shtbdi Starts07:20
12032Amritsar Shtbdi 23:05Ends
12030Swarna Shtbdi 23:05Ends
12058Ndls Janshtbdi 12:00Ends
12218Kerla S Kranti 13:3013:50
12217Sampark Kranthi 11:0511:30
12204Shc Garib Rath 11:0511:15
12203Garib Rath Exp 13:4514:00
12422Asr Ned Sf Exp Starts17:20
12421Ned Asr Sup Exp 10:35Ends
12425Jammu Rajdhani Starts20:40
12426Jammu Rajdhani 05:00Ends
12459Ndlsasr Express Starts13:35
12446Uttar S Kranti 06:10Ends
12445Uttar S Kranti Starts20:50
12460Asr Ndls Exp 14:20Ends
12473Sarvodaya Exp 04:3004:50
12471Swaraj Express 04:3004:50
12478Jat Jamnagr Exp 21:3021:50
12472Swaraj Express 21:3021:50
12474Sarvodaya Exp 21:3021:50
12475Hapa Jat Expres 04:3004:50
12476Sarvodaya Exp 21:3021:50
12477Jam Jat Express 04:3004:50
12498Shane Punjab 22:45Ends
12497Shane Punjab Starts06:40
12483Amritsar Exp 11:0511:30
12484Asr Kcvl Expres 13:3013:50
12716Asr Ned Express 13:1013:25
12715Sachkhand Exp 12:1012:30
12925Paschim Express 10:5511:15
12926Paschim Express 16:3516:55
12919Malwa Express 05:0005:20
12920Malwa Express 19:0019:20
12958Adi Sj Rajdhani Starts19:55
12957Swarna J Raj Ex 07:25Ends
13008U A Toofan Exp 07:0507:35
18507Vskp Asr Hkg Ex 14:4515:15
18508Hirakund Exp 07:5008:10
16317Himsagar Exp 21:4000:10
16688Navyug Express 13:1514:25
16318Himsagar Exp 13:1514:25
16687Navyug Exp 21:4000:10
14681Ndls Juc Expres Starts14:50
16031Andaman Express 23:1000:10
14682Juc Ndls Expres 12:50Ends
16787Ten Jammu Exp 21:4000:10
16032Andaman Express 13:1514:25
19566Uttaranchal Exp 13:1013:30
19565Uttaranchal Exp 10:4011:30
22926Paschim Express 16:3516:55
12002Bhopal Shtbdi Starts06:15
12003Lko Swran Shtbd 22:05Ends
12004Lko Swran Shtbd Starts06:15
12017Dehradun Shtbdi Starts06:50
12018Dehradun Shtbdi 22:45Ends
12033Cnb Ndls Sht 11:05Ends
12034Ndls Cnb Sht Starts16:00
12055Ddn Janshtbdi Starts15:25
12056Ndls Janshatabd 11:15Ends
12137Punjab Mail 21:1521:50
12138Punjab Mail 05:0005:25
12191Ndls Jbp Sup Ex Starts14:05
12192Jbp Ndls Sup Ex 11:40Ends
12205Ndls Ddn Ac Exp Starts23:55
12206Ddn Ndls Ac Exp 05:05Ends
12229Lucknow Mail 06:50Ends
12230Lucknow Mail Starts22:10
12233Lko Ndls Ac Exp 07:30Ends
12234Ndls Lko Ac Exp Starts23:30
12235Ghy Ndls Rajdha 13:45Ends
12236Ghy Rajdhani Starts09:30
12249Hwh Ndls Yuva E 10:50Ends
12250Ndls Hwh Yuva Starts16:10
12259Sdah Duronto Ex 11:00Ends
12260Sdah Duronto Ex Starts20:05
12271Ndls Duronto Ex 07:30Ends
12272Lko Duronto Exp Starts23:30
12273Hwh Ndls Duront 06:05Ends
12274Hwh Duronto Exp Starts13:00
12275Ndls Duronto Ex 06:05Ends
12276Ald Duronto Exp Starts23:00
12281Bbs Duronto Exp 06:05Ends
12282Bbs Duronto Exp Starts13:00
12301Cal Rajdhani 09:55Ends
12302Kolkata Rjdhni Starts17:00
12303Poorva Express 07:20Ends
12304Poorva Express Starts16:20
12305Cal Rajdhani 09:55Ends
12306Kolkata Rjdhni Starts17:00
12309Rjpb Rajdhani 07:35Ends
12310Rjpb Rajdhani Starts17:10
12313Sdah Rajdhaniex 10:20Ends
12314Sealdah Rjdhani Starts16:35
12323Hwh Ndls Expres 17:00Ends
12324Ndls Hwh Expres Starts07:10
12349Bgp Ndls Exp 13:00Ends
12350Ndls Bgp Expres Starts23:45
12381Poorva Express 07:20Ends
12382Poorva Express Starts16:20
12391Shramjeevi Exp 05:10Ends
12392Shramjevi N Exp Starts13:15
12393S Kranti Sup Ex 08:35Ends
12394Sampoorn K Exp Starts17:30
12397Mahabodhi Exp 05:00Ends
12398Mahabodhi Exp Starts14:10
12401Magadh Express 11:45Ends
12402Magadh Express Starts20:10
12417Prayag Raj Exp 06:55Ends
12418Prayag Raj Exp Starts21:25
12419Gomti Exp 14:00Ends
12420Gomti Express Starts12:40
12423Dbrt Rajdhani E 10:10Ends
12424Dbrt Rajdhani Starts14:00
12427New Delhi Sup E 06:45Ends
12428Ndls Rewa Exp Starts23:55
12435Dbrt Rajdhaniex 13:45Ends
12436Ndls Dbrt Rjdhn Starts09:30
12439Rnc Ndls Raj Ex 10:50Ends
12440Ndls Rnc Raj Ex Starts16:10
12441Bsp Ndls Raj Ex 10:45Ends
12442Bilaspur Rjdhni Starts15:45
12443Bbs Rajdhani Ex 10:35Ends
12444Bubneswr Rjdhn Starts17:20
12451Shram Shkti Exp 06:20Ends
12452Shram Shkti Exp Starts23:40
12453Rnc Ndls Raj Ex 10:50Ends
12454Ndls Rnc Rjdhni Starts16:10
12485Ned Sgnr Expres 01:1501:40
12486Sgnr Ned Expres 23:2023:50
12501Porvotr S Krnti 13:00Ends
12502Porvotr S Krnti Starts23:45
12523Njp Ndls Expres 12:10Ends
12524Ndls Njp Sf Exp Starts15:10
12553Vaishali Exp 06:30Ends
12554Vaishali Exp Starts19:50
12555Gorakdam Expres 05:5506:10
12556Gorakdam Expres 20:1020:25
12559Shiv Ganga Exp 07:40Ends
12560Shiv Ganga Exp Starts18:45
12561Swatantrta S Ex 12:30Ends
12562Swatantrta S Ex Starts20:40
12565Bihar S Kranti 05:30Ends
12566Bihar S Kranti Starts14:30
12615Grand Trunk Exp 06:20Ends
12616G T Express Starts18:40
12621Tamil Nadu Exp 07:00Ends
12622Tamil Nadu Exp Starts22:30
12625Kerala Express 13:40Ends
12626Kerala Express Starts11:30
12627Karnataka Exp 10:40Ends
12628Karnataka Exp Starts21:15
12723A P Exp 09:05Ends
12724A P Express Starts17:30
12801Purushottam Exp 04:50Ends
12802Purshottam Exp Starts22:20
12815Puri Ndls Exp 17:00Ends
12816Puri Express Starts06:30
12819Orissa S Kranti 20:55Ends
12820Orissa S Krnti Starts07:10
12825Jhrkhnd S Krant 20:55Ends
12826Jhrkhnd S Krnti Starts07:10
12875Neelachal Exp 21:40Ends
12876Neelachal Exp Starts06:30
12877Rnc Garib Rath 10:50Ends
12878Ndls Rnc G Rath Starts16:10
12951Mumbai Rajdhani 08:30Ends
12952Mumbai Rajdhani Starts16:30
13007U Abhatoofan Ex 19:4020:10
14003Nfk Ndls Expres 14:40Ends
14004Ndls Nfk Expres Starts18:00
14211Intercity Exp 10:15Ends
14212Intercity Exp Starts17:40
14257K V Exp 06:10Ends
14258Kashi V Express Starts11:40
14315Intercity Exp 10:05Ends
14316Intercity Exp Starts16:35
14323Ndls Rok Exp Starts10:35
14324Rok Ndls Exp 16:00Ends
19023Fzr Janata Exp 12:4513:15
19024Fzr Bct Janta 12:3513:05
22001Ndls Shatabdi E 23:00Ends
22002Bhopal Shtbdi Starts06:15
22423Ghy Rajdhani Ex 10:10Ends
22424Ghy Rajdhani Starts14:00