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Food delivery at AMBALA CANTT


Minimum Order-Rs. 150
Open: 10:00 - 22:00 Order Before: 01:00 hrs
Khana Online now brings a sumptuous range of meals with food delivery at AMBALA CANTT from the most popular restaurants and food outlets in town. Just call us an hour before you reach the station and your food will be delivered right at your seat! We promise quality, freshness and quantity with all orders as always!
We are in the process of expanding our network of restaurants.
  text-sep.jpg Jitendra got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Krish got food delivery in train at SAHARANPUR JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Harshit Singh got food delivery in train at UJJAIN station on seat. text-sep.jpg sakshi bhatia got food delivery in train at AJMER JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Vishal got food delivery in train at AMBALA CANTT station on seat. text-sep.jpg Kuldeep Kumar got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Nayansi Ranjan got food delivery in train at CHAPRA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg anita got food delivery in train at HUBLI JUNCTION station on seat. text-sep.jpg Prakash Jhunjhunwala got food delivery in train at ROURKELA station on seat. text-sep.jpg Pankaj got food delivery in train at PANIPAT JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Harilal got food delivery in train at NAGAUR station on seat. text-sep.jpg Vikas purohit got food delivery in train at VADODARA JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Anil got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Anil got food delivery in train at MADGAON station on seat. text-sep.jpg Alpesh Pandhi got food delivery in train at AHMEDABAD JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Tushar got food delivery in train at AMBALA CANTT station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at LUCKNOW JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at BAREILLY JN station on seat. text-sep.jpg Govind got food delivery in train at MORADABAD station on seat. text-sep.jpg Dinesh got food delivery in train at BALHARSHAH station on seat.

Trains Passing through AMBALA CANTT

Train No.Train DetailTrain NameArr. TimeDep. Time
24887Hw Bme Link Exp 22:3523:45
12984Cdg Aii G Rath 21:5021:58
12983Aii Cdg G Rath 05:5005:55
22452Cdg Bdts Sf Exp 06:3006:40
12925Paschim Express 14:4015:15
15904Cdg Dbrg Expres 00:0200:10
14095Himalyan Queen 09:4509:50
14096Himalayan Queen 18:2018:30
04031Dli Cdg Exp 10:4010:50
12450Goa Smprk K Exp 02:5003:00
12058Ndls Janshtbdi 08:3008:45
14218Unchahar Exp 17:1017:25
13008U A Toofan Exp 03:5004:15
12218Kerla S Kranti 10:1510:20
15903Dbrg Cdg Expres 12:0512:10
22688Ddn Cdg Mas Exp 08:4008:45
14217Unchahar Exp 08:3008:42
12064Uhl Hw Link Jsh 08:3011:05
12687Dehradun Exp 03:3003:40
12903Goldentemple Ml 00:5001:00
12716Asr Ned Express 09:5510:00
14673Shaheed Express 16:2016:30
15708Asr Kir Express 11:5512:00
15934Asr Dbrg Expres 20:1020:20
11057Amritsar Expres 09:2009:40
18103Jalianwala B Ex 01:1001:20
14650Saryuyamuna Exp 17:0017:10
15933Dbrg Asr Expres 16:0516:15
19325Ind Amritsar Ex 16:2516:40
11058Asr Ltt Express 15:2015:50
18237Chattisgarh Exp 02:0502:15
14632Asr Ddn Express 03:1703:25
18238Chhatisgarh Exp 22:0822:20
18104Jalianwala B Ex 16:4716:55
13050Asr Hwh Express 23:0023:10
13049Amritsar Exp 04:3504:45
13005Amritsar Mail 02:5503:15
13006Asr Hwh Mail 23:2023:30
12379Jalianwalab Exp 15:1515:25
15707Kir Asr Express 06:5007:00
14631Ddn Asr Express 01:4502:05
14674Shaheed Exp 17:0017:10
19326Asr Indb Expres 08:2508:30
12715Sachkhand Exp 15:4015:45
14649Saryu Yamuna Ex 16:2016:30
18601Hte Jat Exp 02:3502:45
15651Lohit Express 05:4005:48
13151Jammu Tawi Exp 23:0023:10
13152Sealdah Express 04:2004:30
12473Sarvodaya Exp 07:5508:05
14646Shalimar Exp 04:5005:00
12471Swaraj Express 07:5508:05
14645Shalimar Exp 21:3521:45
12919Malwa Express 08:5509:05
14681Ndls Juc Expres 20:1020:20
15098Amarnath Exp 05:1705:25
15097Amarnath Exp 05:4005:48
14033Jammu Mail 00:1500:25
12478Jat Jamnagr Exp 17:5018:00
14682Juc Ndls Expres 07:3507:45
22401Dee Uhp Ac Sup 01:0501:10
12588Jammu Gkp Exp 05:1705:25
12587Amar Nath Exp 05:4005:48
13307Gangasutlej Exp 03:4503:55
12006Kalka Shtbdi 07:3307:38
12063Hw Uhl Link Jsh 17:3518:15
18110Jat Muri Rou Ex 00:3000:40
18109Rou Muri Jat Ex 02:3502:45
18507Vskp Asr Hkg Ex 18:3518:45
12380Jalianwala B Ex 15:0515:20
12204Shc Garib Rath 08:1508:20
12498Shane Punjab 19:1519:20
12497Shane Punjab 10:1010:15
12203Garib Rath Exp 16:5016:55
12483Amritsar Exp 17:2517:35
12460Asr Ndls Exp 10:4510:55
12484Asr Kcvl Expres 10:0510:15
12031Amritsar Shtbdi 09:5509:57
12459Ndlsasr Express 17:1017:15
14038Ptk Dli Exp 13:4513:55
24033Jammu Mail 00:1500:25
24034Jammu Mail 01:4001:50
12445Uttar S Kranti 23:5323:58
12492Maur Dhawaj Exp 02:2502:35
12491Mour Dhwaj Exp 05:0505:10
12472Swaraj Express 17:5018:00
12474Sarvodaya Exp 17:5018:00
12475Hapa Jat Expres 07:5508:05
12476Sarvodaya Exp 17:5018:00
12477Jam Jat Express 07:5508:05
12208Kgm Garib Rath 06:1506:25
11077Jhelum Express 01:2001:32
12237Begampura Exp 04:1004:20
12238Begampura Exp 20:5021:00
12549Durg Jat Sf Exp 12:5513:10
12207Jammu Garib Rat 02:2502:33
12550Jat Durg Sf Exp 11:4511:50
04051Anvt Jat Spl 05:0505:10
14609Hemkunt Exp 21:1021:20
13308Gangasatluj Exp 00:1500:25
14887Klk Bme Express 23:1523:45
14888Barmer Klk Exp 03:5004:15
24888Bme Hw Link Exp 03:5004:45
12413Aii Jat Express 01:3001:42
12414Jammu Aii Exp 00:5501:00
12312Kalka Mail 02:0002:20
12311Hwh Dli Klk Mai 02:1002:20
04032Cdg Dli Exp 16:2016:25
12231Lko Cdg Express 09:0209:15
12232Cdg Lko Express 21:3021:40
12057Uhl Janshatabdi 17:5018:15
12012Kalka Shtbdi 19:0319:05
12011Kalka Shtbdi 10:2810:30
12005Kalka Shtbdi 19:5519:57
15012Cdg Ljn Express 18:0318:08
15011Ljn Cdg Express 13:5514:05
22926Paschim Express 12:0513:05
12217Sampark Kranthi 17:2517:30
12358Asr Koaa Sup Ex 10:0510:15
12318Akal Takhat Exp 10:0510:15
12317Akal Takht Exp 12:5013:00
18508Hirakund Exp 04:1004:20
18101Tata Jat Exp 02:3502:45
12054Asr Hw Jnshtbdi 10:5511:05
12053Hw Asr Jnshtbdi 17:3517:45
12926Paschim Express 12:3513:05
14037Dli Ptk Exp 11:2011:25
59386Panchvalley Pa 02:0502:15
12357Durgiana Exp 12:5013:00
12904Goldn Temple Ml 01:5002:00
15653Amarnath Expres 05:4005:48
12446Uttar S Kranti 03:3503:40
22402Uhp Dee Ac Sup 01:1501:20
14610Hemkunt Exp 02:4002:50
12920Malwa Express 15:3515:40
11078Jhelum Express 05:4005:50
15654Jammu Ghy Expre 05:1705:25
15652Lohit Express 05:1705:25
12332Himgiri Express 05:1705:25
12331Himgiri Express 05:4005:48
12356Archana Express 02:2502:35
12355Archna Express 03:1503:25
14034Jammu Mail 01:4001:50
12469Cnb Jat Express 05:0505:10
12470Jat Cnb Express 02:2502:35
12032Amritsar Shtbdi 20:3020:32
12030Swarna Shtbdi 20:3020:32
12029Swarna Shtbdi 09:5509:57
14732Fka Dli Exp 09:0009:05
14523Hariharnath Exp 07:55Ends
14524Umb Mfp Express Starts22:45
14712Sgnr Hw Express 10:3010:35
14553Himachal Exp 02:5503:05
14554Himachal Expres 01:3001:40
14526Umb Intercity 20:55Ends
14525Sgnr Intercity Starts05:15
12326Nldm Koaa Exp 10:0510:15
12325Koaa Nldm Exp 12:5013:00
14711Hw Sgnr Express 19:4819:55
14731Dli Fka Exp 18:0518:15