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About Us

Khana Online is a Service for transforming the experience of the Railway Passenger

About 6 billion passengers travel in Indian Railways each year. If anyone of us has traveled they will vouch for the fact that currently the availability of quality food in Indian Trains is something not to be excited about. Khana Online solves this very problem for the railway passenger.

It offers a variety of choices to a Railway passenger so that the passengers can order food as per their liking and at their price point while they are travelling. The Khana Online automated platform tracks trains in real time across India and ensures that fresh food is delivered to the passenger as per their choice in real time. It also helps vendors and restaurants in terms of effective and efficient fulfillment. Additionally it completes an entire fulfillment cycle right from the point of ordering to Delivery, Customer feedback and Reconciliation. What is most exciting is that Railway passengers are served fresh food thanks to the patented technology behind Khana Online. Khana Online tracks the train in real time and makes sure that fresh food is made available to the passenger through its vast variety of restaurants on the Indian Railway network

The Khana Online platform ensures that the delivery is made in real time. Khana Online ensures that the entire lifecycle of an order fulfillment is completed by the Khana Online patented platform.. Khana Online currently operates in 30 cities and rapidly expanding across the Railway network.